About us



Envisioned by a few enthusiastic students from Belgrade, Serbia.

UNIADA is an international students sports competition taking place in our capital – Belgrade from the 22nd until 25th of October. Students sport association – UNIADA came up with an idea of a 4-day manifestation gathering students from around the world with a goal far broader than fostering university sport as a relevant and important part of university life. Health care, youth activism, fair play, positive energy and the making of new friendships play an equally vital role in this project. And since UNIADA 2017 is situated in Belgrade – participants will get to see what Belgrade nightlife is really all about.


Introducing Belgrade

Where Sava river meets the Danube that we find a beautiful city, home to over 1,700,000 inhabitants. Surely, as a capital, Belgrade has loads to offer, but there are certain things which distinguish it and leave a remarkable impact on its visitors, not to mention locals. While it may appear a modern city, “White Town” unfolds its history right before your eyes. Dating back to the 4th century BC while today developing in a whole new, modern way, Belgrade surely has something for everyone. From the irreplaceable spirit of the city, to its diverse cuisine, grandiose cafes, reminiscent museums, smiling old citizens, jazz musicians along the streets and surely its nightlife. Belgrade puts emphasis solely on hedonism.