UNIADA 2018 basketball tournament is organized both in male and female competitions. The teams will start their competition from a group stage, while the number of groups and teams in the group will depend on the amount of applied teams. From each group two teams will go to the knock out phase. If it is subsequently impossible to determine the two best teams (or one best team) in this case, the draw will determine who will qualify.

1. Rules of the game:

- The game will be divided into four quarters, each lasting 8 minutes. Halftime break lasts for 4 minutes. The group phase will be played " dirty " (without stopping time), while from play off phase the last two minutes of every game will be not played dirty ( with stopping time )

- The team must have five players on the court ( maximum 12 )

- Team has the right to ask for two time-outs (1 minute)per half.

- After the fifth team foul in the quarter every next foul will be punished with two free throws.

- Each player is allowed to make five fouls before being sent off.

- In case of a tie, over time is played in duration of 4 minutes, and overtimes will be played until one team wins.

2. Group stage ranking: 1st 2 points for a win / 1 point for a loss / 0 points for a forfeit or disregarded match 2nd Mutual result 3rd Better point difference 4th More scored points

If a team doesn't want to play or is late for 8 minutes, game will count as 20:0 for team on the court. If both teams doesn't show up on the court they will get 0 points and goal difference 0:20 which will be added to their point differences!

- The tournament will be played with a ball the size of a standard № 7 in men's sizes and № 6 in women competition.

3. Referees:

The match will have two professional referees on the court and the coordinators of that venue at the table next to the field. These persons provided by the organization and they are responsible for that venue

4. Conditions to compete:

To compete in this discipline you are required to fill the application form (Ako može link za skidanje app forme) with following requirements and submit it with the letter of confirmation

1 Filled table of maximum 12 players 2 Players of the team must be dressed in jerseys or shirts of their faculty. Legitimating of players is necessary only when one team is complaining!