tennisUNIADA 2017 TENNIS tournament is organized in both male and female competition. The players will start the competition from the knock-out phase. From each match the winner goes further.

1. Rules of the game:

  •  Matches will be played in two obtained sets.
  •  With the score 1-1 third set will be played.
  •  All games will be played by regular tennis rules.


2. Regulations:

  • If a player doesn’t want to play or is late for 10 minutes, match will count as 2:0 for the player on the court.
  • If both players don’t show up on the court they will get knocked-out!


3. Referee:

The match will have one licensed referee at the court with the coordinators and volunteers in the facility.

4. Conditions to compete:

To compete in this discipline you are required to fill in the application form with following information and submit it to apply@uniada.org.

  •  Filled form with the maximum of 2 players per gender.
  •  Players are required to be dressed in jerseys or shirts of their university/college.

Legitimating of players is necessary only when one team is complaining!

Copyright © 2017 Uniada, All rightts reserved.
by: MarkoLepir

Copyright © 2017 Uniada, All rightts reserved.
by: MarkoLepir